January 2017 Post

Seniors in Sobriety held its 10th International Conference on November 3-6, 2016 at the Bahia Resort in San Diego California.  The conference attracted more than 250 participants, most from the western region of the United States, but a few others from the mid-west, east coast, and even Australia and Ireland.

The program included an introductory session on Thursday evening, History of SIS + How We Got Here, presented by Lee G.   The presentation included a valuable explanation of the difference between Seniors in Sobriety (SIS) and Cooperation with the Elder Community (CEC), service entities that have seemed to get confused by some members.  Basically, she noted, SIS has traditionally been an annual “conference” while CEC has developed over the years as a type of service committee that provides outreach to various senior rest homes, retirement communities, and AA meetings or seniors-only groups.

General Sessions, workshops, and panels were held Friday and Saturday.  A traditional Al-anon luncheon was held Friday, The banquet was held Saturday evening, and a sprititual breakfast on Sunday morning.  All were well attended and the prevailing opinion of the guests was that the conference was a success.

The host committee met after closing ceremonies on Sunday and a group of members from Area 93 in California volunteered to consider hosting the 2017 Conference.  Since, they have received support from their Area and are planning the 2017 Conference.

By the time you read this, material for the 2017 Conference should be available from the menu of this website.

January 4, 2017

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