November 2017

As 2017 seems to be flying by, here’s an update on the SIS Website and previews of possible coming attractions.

If you look to the lower right side of the page that you land on when you first get to the SENIORS IN SOBRIETY site, you will notice that there is now a bunch of calendar listings labeled “UPCOMING EVENTS”.  I am taking the meeting lists that have been submitted over time and am putting them into a handy scrolling calendar that can be filtered by the state or country where you reside.  As soon as I get them all loaded, all meetings throughout the US and Canada that have been submitted will be listed there.

If you happen to see meeting or group that is no longer active or has an incorrect time, day of the week, or venue, please email me and I will correct it.  Similarly, if you know of a new SIS or CEC meeting, or a senior friendly meeting, please email me as well so I can get it listed.

And if you happen to be really techy, you will discover that you can link this calendar to your smartphone or computer using a feature called iCalendar that most mobile devices, Google, Apple, and others use as their standard calendar format.  Click on the “view calendar” link at the bottom to view more calendar entries and once there you will find a “subscribe” tab at the bottom right from which you can select your smart device.  If it’s still mysterious to you, email or text me and I will walk you through it.

Your feedback and input is most welcome as we continue to try to make the site more relevant and interesting for seniors to use regularly.  We also need contributors, so if you want to submit your ideas, articles, memes, pictures, quotes, and other events of interest, please do so.