The Hidden Epidemic

Alcoholism is a progressive and lethal disease that affects up to 10% of people over the age of sixty. It has typically been under estimated, under identified, under diagnosed, and under treated in our country and world wide.

Today, we are seeing an alarming increase in the numbers of seniors being recognized as alcoholic. This increase is in part attributable to our longer life expectancy, the aging of our population, and a greater recognition of alcoholism among our senior citizens.

“Alcohol abuse in the elderly is an Invisible or Hidden Epidemic. It is often mistaken for other conditions associated with the aging process, particularly depression. As part of routine care, it is recommended that health care providers discuss alcohol use with their older patients.

Family members should become as familiar with the drinking habits of Great Uncle Harry or Grandma Jane as they are with their medical conditions. They need to be aware that over the counter drugs, prescription medications, and herbal remedies in seniors can be dangerous, or even fatal, when mixed with alcohol.

There are many elders that alcohol has robbed of hope, dignity, and the ability to cope. With treatment, the alcoholic has an opportunity to develop a satisfying way of life free from alcohol and become happily and usefully whole.”


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  1. I think it would be very beneficial if SIS, publish a book or a booklet on how AA got started in Southern California. It would be like “AA comes of Age” The California version.

    I originally came then in 1978, and was delighted at the San Diego convention to meet Others with our where history. It would show all the growth that we’ve been able to make inside of AA. We started at that Arlington church in LA And a men stood in front saying, ” if you want to stay sober the rest of your life you can come in ” i’ve been told I have a year or two to live and if we don’t think about this soon we won’t have the old-timers with the memories to pass on.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. Ap;olgies for the delay in answering. Attendance by you or one of your San Antonio people at the wrap-up meeting, usually held right after the conference closes on Sunday would be one good way to start the process of bidding for a future conference. You also should let the current Committee Chair, Chris S. know about your interest.

      In Love and Service,
      Colin M. – Web custodian

  2. I’m a member of AA a senior and in a 12 step group for food, Compulsive Eaters Anonymous. Our program, as an outreach, would to provide an information meeting at your conference. To help AA’s who might be suffering from food addiction once they’ve gotten sobriety.

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